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Home Insurance

For most people, their home is one of their largest investments. Not all home insurance policies are created equal. In fact, there are a variety of insurance policies available. … More


Auto Insurance

As an independent insurance group, we have the freedom to work with top auto insurance companies across the country to find the best auto insurance and car insurance solutions … More


Boat Insurance

Our insurance agents have made it a priority to stay up-to-date on boat insurance for our customers at the Lake of the Ozarks. We can help you decide what company and coverage will … More


Business Insurance

Our team works to identify, develop, and implement business insurance strategies tailored to our clients’ changing needs. We work with our clients to create efficient and effective … More


Life & Health Insurance

We work with our clients to find the right life and health insurance plan for their unique situation. We provide advice about the different levels of coverage available to help our … More


McGrath Insurance Group

You, your priorities, your future are our focus. As our client, we partner with you to find the best solutions to the risks and demands you face to give you the stability you need … More

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Does this sound like a nightmare you've had? You've packed the family into your car. Now, you are all headed out of town to enjoy some time with the grandparents. You're not … More

Weather-Related Damage: Are You Covered?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Weather-Related Damage? Weather can be a direct or indirect cause of many household emergencies, but it's not always clear which weather conditions … More